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FEPCO was established in 1971. Since then, we have gathered experience supplying quality hardwood world-wide, from Brazil to China, from Indonesia to Russia. We believe in sourcing the best that is available for the price that is right for our clients. 

We have been trading in plywood and other wood-based panel products in Europe since 1971 after our mother company, the Far East Products Company,  set up headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. From the very beginning Fepco’s success has been based on our highly qualified staff having great knowledge and skills in international plywood production, shipping, customs and administrative procedures. 

Over the last five decades and with a current turnover of over 100.000 cubic meters of plywood each year, Fepco has become one of the leading trading companies for multiplex and other wood products throughout Europe.

We are specialists in sourcing and trading plywood. Over the years we have expanded the sourcing of multiplex and other wood products from very diverse countries and regions;
Asia, Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe. We have been working with long standing suppliers from Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Ukraine and other countries for many years and work exclusively with professional factories and well established local trading partners.

We are traders. Our highly qualified traders are able to inform and advise you daily about the possibilities at short notice as well as for the long term. Our strength is our thorough knowledge of the plywood industry and the local language. We take care of customs and other administrations in order to deliver a complete service to you.  

Our customers, big and small, receive their goods conveniently shipped via container or breakbulk  to one of their nearest ports in Europe; Antwerpen, Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Nantes, Fos sur Mer, Le Havre or to the port of their choice. If desired, we can also arrange a seamless door to door delivery to the final destination of the goods.

We know the international markets. We work directly with the producing factories in the countries of origin. With the help of our procurement offices in Indonesia (Jakarta), Brazil (Curitiba) and China (Shanghai) we are able to follow up the supply and logistic procedures in a professional and efficient way, guaranteeing your operational continuity.