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China – offers a wide range of plywood products.

Film-faced plywood can have various layer build-ups as well as different types of film colour (brown+black) and different surface finishings (smooth or wiremesh).

The main product is the Poplar core with a brown or black phenolic film. However many different options and grades are available.
Industrial plywood and Fancy plywood from China is produced in numerous variations as to layer build-up, face veneer quality and application purposes.
Kindly let us have your detailed requirements in order to prepare an individual offer based on your needs.

Download detailed China Data sheets below:
Industrial Plywood Data sheet here
Filmfaced Plywood Data sheet here

Film-Faced Plywood
Chinese Fepcoplex A/A

Film-Faced Plywood
Chinese Fepcoweb A/A

Data Tables China FF

China Industrial Plywood
Red Face/Back B/BB

China Industrial Plywood
Fineline B/BB

Data Tables China Indust

Chart overview