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Indonesian Hardwood Plywood is available with phenolic film (film/film and film/wire) or as raw plywood in BB/CC grade or even Marine plywood.

IHP is build-up with selected hardwood veneers of tropical and sometimes plantation species.

Two different types of glue quality are available - WBP (water boiled proof) or MR (moisture resistant) applicable for exterior or interior purposes.

The face/back of the raw plywood is well sanded and can be used for all kind of decorative and joinery applications.

The film-faced  plywood is available either in the film/film or film/wiremesh (anti-slip) version which is used in the concrete shuttering or truck flooring industry respectively.

Indonesian Plywood is available with FLEGT-licence (certified legal origin) as the first producing country. It exempts this product from EUTR due diligence obligations and makes it very attractive.

Download detailed Indonesian Data sheets below:

- Indonesian Hardwood Plywood here
- Indonesian Light/Medium Weight Plywood here

Indonesian Fepcoplex A/A

Indonesian Fepcoweb A/A

Indonesian Fepcoply BB/CC WBP

Indonesian Fepcoply BB/CC MR

Data Tables Indonesia